Peer-Reviewed Publishing through the JASDL

Submission to Undergraduate Research

Publication Guidelines for eUndergraduate Research (eUGR) Articles

ASDL invites the submission of manuscripts describing the results of undergraduate research in the analytical sciences. These articles can be submitted at the logical point of a student’s involvement in a research project, even if the research is carried further by other students at a later date. While the scope and depth of the research described may not be at the same level as that of a major research institution, the quality and merit of the presentation should be. Articles should detail information that is original, innovative, or discovery based, including extensions to an analytical method or application. All authors will be expected to adhere to the accepted ethical guidelines for publication of chemical research.

Submission to eUGR

Articles are accepted electronically in PDF format as attachments to email addressed to one of the editors listed below. If the appropriate software is not already available to you, free PDF creator software can be found at Primo Pdf. Submitted manuscripts should be double spaced with 1 inch margins on all sides, and no more than 10 pages in length, including imbedded figures and tables. Times New Roman 10 type is preferred. The first page should include the title of the article, names and affiliations of each author, and an abstract (maximum 100 words). Up to 5 figures or tables may be included and placed at the appropriate place within the text. Figures should be numbered sequentially, with the number and appropriate legend information included directly below the figure. Tables should also be sequentially numbered, with the number and the title located directly above the table. Literature and Internet citations should be located together at the end of the written text. Appendices and other supplementary material should be made available by a web link to the home page of the research advisor. A template containing the proper formatting can be found at (insert ASDL link).
Each article will be peer reviewed, and if revision is required, the reviewers’ comments will be returned to the author(s) within two months of submission. Corrected articles may be resubmitted to the site editor for approval. Upon acceptance, authors will be asked to submit a brief annotation, along with a list of key words. Once these are received, the article will be posted immediately in the online article section of the ASDL website, and citation information provided to the author(s).

Updating eUGR Postings

Authors may periodically update a posted article to include new information from a research work in progress. This may be desirable, for example, if a project involves multiple students working over an extended time period. A minimum of six months time will be required between submissions. Updated articles are subject to the same guidelines as an original submission. In some cases the Editor may decide to post a revision without further external review.

Publication Copyright

All copyrights to posted material are retained by the faculty author(s) under the Creative Commons Agreement ( An author wishing to publish all or part of a posted article in a printed journal may choose either to withdraw the article from the ASDL site or to retain the article on the site as a designated draft of the printed article.

For more information, or to submit a manuscript to eUGR, contact href="">Tom Spudich .


Posters describing undergraduate research may be submitted in PDF format to the ePoster section of ASDL. Submitted posters may include those presented at local or national scientific meetings and NSF-REU programs. For further information about ePosters and submission guidelines, please refer to ePoster guidelines.