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Problem 2

(Applet courtesy of Prof. C. E. Efstathiou,

Task 1. Now that you are familiar with the applet and with the t-test, let's use it to analyze some real data. Click on the radio button labeled "User data," which replaces the two axes with two small data sets. Click on Calculate and interpret the results of this t-test. Add two additional points with values of 3.5 and 3.6 to the data set on the left (just click in the box and enter the values on separate lines). Do these additional points change the results of the t-test.

Task 2. Clear the data and use the link on the left to open a spreadsheet containing the masses for three samples of pennies. Is there any evidence for a difference between the samples from 1978 and 1980? Between 1978 and 1984? You may copy and paste data from Excel into the two data sets. Are these results consistent with your conclusions from the Preliminary Analysis module?

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