Separation Science

In-class Problems
Learning Objectives
Instructor's Manual
Out-of-class Problems

Laboratory Projects
Peer/Self Evaluation for Laboratory Project
Final Lab Report for the Laboratory Project

Specialty Topics
    Affinity Chromatography
    Ion-exchange Chromatography
    Size Exclusion Chromatography


A series of collaborative learning activities and accompanying text that develop the field of separation science, with a particular emphasis on chromatographic separations, are provided. These activities are intended to be done in class by students working in groups, but can be modified for use as out-of-class exercises. Learning objectives, an instructor’s manual, and out-of-class problems are provided as well. The instructor’s manual provides tips for how to use the in-class exercises, the types of responses that students often provide to the questions in the exercises, and how the instructor can build from these responses to develop the concepts. Ancillary modules that are shorter but address specific topics within the area of separation science (steric exclusion chromatography, affinity chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, ultracentrifugation) are provided as well. Learning objectives and an instructor’s manual for a set of semester-long chromatography projects that are undertaken by students working in small groups are included. Peer- and self-evaluation forms for students are provided as well.