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Appendix to linked pdf documents

  • Appendix A – A set of project proposal guidelines
  • Appendix B – An example scenario for a forensics module
  • Appendix C – Possible subject list for project selection within the forensics theme
  • Appendix D – An example report
  • Appendix E – An example of a final poster related to one project within the forensics theme
  • Appendix F – A laboratory report writing guide. Special thanks to Geoff Hoops, Butler University
  • Appendix G – An oral report grading guide
  • Appendix H – A poster preparation and grading guide
  • Appendix I – A laboratory report grading guide
  • Appendix J – A peer review guide and grading form. Special thanks to Jeremy Johnson, Butler University

Please Note:

The grading and evaluation rubrics were developed to encourage consistent grading and to set expectations for the students. These instruments have not been validated.

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