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Case Studies

Case Study: Lead in Water – Flint, Michigan

Case Study Flint Water CrisisDownload After completing this laboratory activity, students will be able to: Practice tailoring method development to the application at hand Consider the complexity involved in sample selection Consider narrowing down the problem and sample treatment (i.e. soluble lead vs particulates) Be able to list the common figures of merit used to rate and…

Case Study: Arsenic Analysis

Case Study Arsenic AnalysisDownload After completing this activity, students will be able to: Identify the details of the various steps in a quantitative analysis method Design a calibration curve using standard solutions of the required analyte Use this calibration curve to calculate the concentration of the analyte in the unknown samples Assess the reliability of the calibration…

Chemistry of Bread-Making

Chemistry of Bread MakingDownload A worksheet that develops the various chemical processes that occur during bread-making. Asmira Alagic, Saint Louis University (