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Statistical analysis of data

Data Analysis and Statistics

Students will learn to: Calculate mean and standard deviation from given sample data. Apply Grubbs test to given sample data for the identification of outliers. Given an experimental framework, identify and explain the types of calibration methods (curves, addition, and internal standard) used. …

Statistics in Chemical Analysis

Students will learn to: Use the appropriate statistical test to evaluate the quality of data. Use the correct type of t test to make decisions regarding statistical significance. Compare the average and standard deviation of a data set that of another data set. …

Introduction to Statistics

Students will learn to: understand how a sample relates to a population; understand how a population can be represented by the normal distribution according to the Central Limit Theorem understand how a confidence interval can be used to indicate where the true mean is found for a sample.

Figures of Merit

Students learn to: Calculate the standard deviation and confidence interval for a data set. Describe the precision of a data set. Describe the accuracy of a data set. Estimate the sensitivity and linear dynamic range from a calibration curve. Calculate the detection limit and limit of quantitation from a data set.