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Equilibrium Chemistry

Chemical Equilibrium

A series of collaborative learning activities and accompanying text that develop chemical equilibrium, including acid-base chemistry, formation of water-soluble complexes, and solubility are provided. These activities are intended to be done in class by students working in groups, but can be modified for use as out-of-class exercises. Learning objectives, an instructor’s manual, and out-of-class problems are…

Solubility Equilibria

Students examine solubility equilibria including the influence of pH and complexation of the metal species on solubility. A text that accompanies the worksheet and explains the answers to the questions is also available.

Acids-Base Chemistry

Students will learn to: Recall basic calculations and definitions about acid-base chemistry. Interpret the pH scale and use Kw to draw relationships between [H+] and [OH–]. Write reactions represented by Ka and Kb for monoprotic acids.…