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Solubility equilibria

Chemical Equilibrium

A series of collaborative learning activities and accompanying text that develop chemical equilibrium, including acid-base chemistry, formation of water-soluble complexes, and solubility are provided. These activities are intended to be done in class by students working in groups, but can be modified for use as out-of-class exercises. Learning objectives, an instructor’s manual, and out-of-class problems are…

Solubility Equilibria

Students examine solubility equilibria including the influence of pH and complexation of the metal species on solubility. A text that accompanies the worksheet and explains the answers to the questions is also available.

Lithia Water Springs Project

Introduction Can the most prevalent inorganic ions be determined in Lithia water using a representative cross-section of the analytical techniques (e.g. titrimetry, potentiometry, spectroscopy) covered in a typical quantitative analysis course? The analytical chemistry laboratory is well-suited to investigate this mineral-rich water source. In this module, we will examine the role of chemical equilibria,…

Solubility Product

Students will learn: Write the equilibrium expression and solubility product for a precipitation reaction. Calculate the solubility of a sparingly soluble compound. Predict the order of precipitation in a mixture. Predict the extent of precipitation in a mixture.