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A series of collaborative learning activities using the free HPLC Simulator ( developed by Thomas J. Lauer and Dwight R. Stoll of Gustavus Adolphus University.

The Chromatography Basics activities introduce the parameters tR, tM, k, resolution, peak width, N, H, Purnell equation for resolution, van Deemter curve, linear velocity, optimum linear velocity, and optional discussion of data acquisition rate.

The Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography activities explore RPLC retention, mobile phase effects, the linear solvent strength model for retention, van Deemter and extra-column broadening, method development strategies, and gradient elution.

These activities are intended to be done in class by students working in groups, but can be modified for use as out-of-class exercises or as a virtual lab. Additional exercises are available at the HPLC Simulator site. Click on the “Instructor Resources” button. 

An instructor’s manual provides backdrop on the simulator and described the course for which these exercises were developed. 

A solution manual (for instructors only) is available upon request from Dr. Lucy. It provides solutions, typical mistakes, additional background comments, tips for how to use the in-class exercises, and prompts that the instructor can use to encourage additional discussion.

Developed by:

Dr. Charles A. Lucy
University of Alberta

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