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The goal of this unit is to develop introductory concepts on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy that are most relevant for undergraduate chemistry majors. Development of the concepts of NMR is accomplished through an examination of the normal hydrogen (1H) nucleus. The unit is focused on understanding what occurs in molecules and within the NMR spectrometer that causes 1H NMR spectra to look the way they do. There is less of an emphasis on interpreting NMR spectra, although the concepts developed herein provide students with the understanding needed to begin interpreting NMR spectra. Components of both a quantum mechanical and classical description of NMR spectroscopy are developed.


Table of Contents

  • Learning Objectives (Word, PDF)
  • In-Class Questions (Word, PDF)
  • Text (Word, PDF)
  • Instructor’s Manual (Word, PDF)
  • Assessment Questions: For Assessment questions that accompany this module, please contact Tom Wenzel (

Developed by:

Dr. Thomas Wenzel
Bates College

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