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Community Exchange Forums

Sharing is the upside of discovery! Find something worth using and get a friend to join in.

Use ASDL’s community exchange forums as a venue for sharing user-generated content and teaching analytical chemistry.

Data Set Exchange

Find datasets that illustrate important topics in analytical chemistry.

dataset exchange forum

Get in touch if you have interesting data sets.  We would love to be able to extend them to the analytical sciences community.

Lab Experiments Exchange

Discuss and share pedagogical innovations for laboratory courses in analytical chemistry.

laboratory forumIf you have developed an interesting new experiment—whether it involves a novel sample, a seldom-used instrument, or that illustrates an important concept—consider sharing it with colleagues. Also included in this forum are descriptions and links to interesting experiments published in The Journal of Chemical Education and The Chemical Educator.

Image and Video Exchange

Get a look at images, photos, videos, and animations that encompass many facets of teaching and learning about analytical chemistry.

Many of the images included here are from the eText Analytical Chemistry 2.0. If you have interesting media for your classes and labs, please consider sharing them with colleagues.

Problem Exchange

Use the problems in this forum to jump-start your in-class exercises, out-of-class assignments, or use them in exams.

educational problem solving and exchangeDon’t keep those great problems that you’ve challenged your students with a secret! Let us know how you can contribute to the Problem Exchange, and how you have used our problem exchange in your teaching practice.

David Harvey

These materials were contributed by David Harvey, DePauw University Greencastle, Indiana with the intention that others will use and also contribute to these exchanges.