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ASDL Community

ASDL is a collaborative and evolving library of resources FOR and BY a dedicated group of analytical chemistry educators like YOU!

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The ASDL Timeline, 2002 to Present

ASDL peer-reviewed and annotated weblink collection – funded by NSF curriculum development meeting

ASDL first generation editors created a collection of peer-reviewed and annotated web link resources. Led by Cindy Larive and Ted Kuwana and funded by NSF, this was an early attempt (pre-Google and Bing algorithms) to cull analytical chemistry web resources into a cohesive collection. The collection was shared with the…Read More

ASDL editors develop e-learning modules

Over several summers ASDL editors attended curriculum development workshops and created full-fledged  e-courseware, e-books, e-practices and, e-labware. These curricular materials lay the groundwork to assist your own teaching.of analytical chemistry .

Community Exchange Forums-funded by NSF
ASDL exchange forum

  The community exchange forums  was developed by David Harvey, with the intention of building a community of sites for analytical chemistry. These exchange forums offer datasets, images, videos, problems, and lab experiments. It also host ASDL’s Active Learning Materials site was developed under this community of sites.  OK

Active Learning Materials – funded by NSF
Tom Wenzel and his students

Active Learning Materials came when Tom Wenzel, Bates College, stepped and developed a team to out to find a way to offer full approaches and resources for active learning in the lab, classroom, and materials that accompany texts that support instruction in analytical chemistry courses .

Remote Labs and Simulations – sponsored by ACS analytical division

ASDL’s Remote Labs and Simulations were developed as a way to get resources for teaching labs remotely up and running quickly in response to the pandemic. Tom Spudich and Lane Baker moved swiftly to get a great team together. The best part is the value in the collection of labs and skill…Read More

Where do you fit into the ASDL Community?

Please consider sharing your go-to web resources with the ASDL collection! Contact Tom
to find out how to contribute your expertise as an editor on the ASDL collection team!
Tom Spudich
Tom Spudich, ASDL managing editor
Try out some of the great resources in the exchange. Share your insights and ideas. Do you have a body of work that’s just waiting to be shared? Contact David! Of course you can always share content from this site through your social media contacts too.
David Harvey
David Harvey - Community exchange editor
Engage your students through our comprehensive active learning modules. What practices have you developed? Contact Jill to find out how to contribute!
Jill Robinson, Active Learning Manager
Jill Robinson, Active Learning Manager
ASDL is the perfect landing place for labs and experiments. Consider dropping Tom an email to find out how to get involved.
Tom Spudich
Tom Spudich, ASDL managing editor

The Analytical Sciences Digital Library, ASDL, collects, catalogs, links and publishes peer reviewed web-based discovery materials pertinent to innovations in curricular development and supporting technical resources in the analytical sciences. The ASDL website ( is one of several collections initially funded by NSF’s National Science Digital Library, and is currently supported by the Division of Analytical Chemistry of the American Chemical Society. ASDL grew out of discussions at regional and national meetings on ways to implement recommendations from NSF-sponsored workshops that evaluated teaching practices in the analytical curriculum. These recommendations can be found in the workshop report Curricular Developments in the Analytical Sciences, available as a pdf.