Dialysis Membrane

Photo of a dialysis cassette used to separate analytes from interferents based on size. The dialysis membrane in this unit has a molecular weight cut-off of 10,000 g/mol. Two sheets of the membrane are separated by a gasket and held in place by the plastic frame. Four ports provide a means for injecting the sample between the dialysis membranes (note the small hole in the cassette’s upper right corner). The cassette is then inverted and submerged in a beaker containing an external solution, which is stirred using a stir bar. A foam buoy, used as a stand in the photo, serves as a float so that the unit remains suspended above the stir bar. The interferents, which are small enough to pass through the membrane, are collected in the external solution, which usually┬áis replaced several time during dialysis. When dialysis is complete, the solution (and analytes) remaining in the cassette is removed through an injection port.


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