When sharing images and videos (including animations), use your post to provide sufficient background information.

To insert an image, place your cursor where you wish to post the image and use one of the following options:

  • Use the “Add an Image” icon. When you use this option you will have the choice of uploading an image file from your computer, from a URL, or from your WordPress media library.
  • Create an image gallery using the NextGen plug-in and use the “Add NextGen Gallery” icon.

To insert a video, place your cursor where you wish to post the video and use the “Add Video” icon. Because storage space is limited, large video files are best linked to using a URL. You can link to a video located on your web site or in publicly accessible folder in a cloud app such as Dropbox.

Before sharing images and videos, be sure that you either own the copyright to the media, that the media has a copyright that allows sharing, or that the media is in the public domain. All images and videos must carry a Creative Commons copyright license (which you can obtain here) and/or a link to the original source.

Finally, assign one or more categories to your post as these provide other users with an easy way to search the forum for content that is of interest.

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