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Fluorescence and Phosphorescence Instrumentation

The basic instrumentation for monitoring fluorescence and phosphorescence—a source of radiation, a means of selecting a narrow band of radiation, and a detector—are the same as those for absorption spectroscopy. The unique demands of both fluorescence and phosphorescence, however, require … Continue reading

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Pathways for Deactivating an Excited State Without Emission

Shown here is an illustration of the energy level diagram for a molecule exhibiting pathways for the deactivation of an excited state: vr is vibrational relaxation; ic is internal conversion; ec is external conversion; and isc is an intersystem crossing. … Continue reading

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Singlet and Triplet States

Photoluminescence is divided into two categories: fluorescence and phosphorescence. A pair of electrons occupying the same electronic ground state have opposite spins and are said to be in a singlet spin state; see (a) in the illustration below. When an … Continue reading

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