Using a Flatbed Scanner to Measure Detergency

Using a flatbed scanner to measure the reflectance from samples of a white polyester fabric impregnated with linseed oil, students determine detergent efficiency. Scans of samples are stored as RGB (red, green, blue) coordinates and the blue channel used as the analytical signal. Detergent efficiencies for different amounts of sodium dodecyl sulfate are measured relative to a reference standard (a non-impregnated sample) and the sample before and after cleaning. Results are compared to reflectance measurements made using a conventional spectrometer.

The full citation is here: Poce-Fatou, J. A., Bethencourt, M., Moreno-Dorado, F. J., Palacios-Santander, J. M.  J. Chem. Educ. 2011, 88, 1314–1317 and a link to the article is provided below (subscription to the journal required).

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