Analytical Chemistry 2.0 provides links to several resources for undergraduate education in Analytical Chemistry, including

  1. a freely available eText for introductory courses in analytical chemistry

  2. the Analytical Sciences Digital Library

  3. bookmarks for additional analytical resources

Analytical Chemistry 2.0 is a freely available eText that is a revision of the textbook Modern Analytical Chemistry, originally published by McGraw-Hill in 1999. The original text, in Microsoft Word, was imported into the page layout program Adobe InDesign. Although the text's main structure of 15 chapters remains unchanged, each chapter has been carefully edited paragraph by paragraph. New to this edition are practice exercises (with worked solutions), which complement the worked examples, and instructions on using a spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) and computational software (R) for solving problems in statistics, calibrations and regression analysis, equilibrium chemistry, and method development and optimization. The text, which is available as a PDF file, is extensively hyperlinked both within the textbook and to external sites. When used with the freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader, the user can highlight and annotate the text.

The illustrations in this edition are entirely new and in full color. Original artwork was created using a combination of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, ChemDraw, MathSoft Equation Editor, MathMagic Equation Editor and R. You can download files for these figures from this web site. Some illustrations use or modify open source images and artwork from or government web sites.

The textbook is freely available both as a single file and as individual chapter files under the following copyright.